Screws and Barrels up to 7000mm length.

Highest quality. Shortest delivery times.

murex screws, barrels and grooved feed bushings

murex is an innovative, dynamic company with production plant in Switzerland

We are proud of being able to execute 100% of all mechanical manufacturing steps for the production of screws, barrels and grooved feed bushings in our own production plant in Wängi (Switzerland). Large, hard-faced screws and complex geometries are our specialities. Perfect quality, fast deliveries and highest reliability – that’s murex.

Absolute reliability. For highest expectations.

Murex ist schnell und flexibel

Fast and flexible

We know what is important to you. And have aligned our corporate principles accordingly: Absolute reliability in meeting deadlines and excellent quality in all stages of production. Thanks to our highly motivated employees and the manageable size of our company, we are able to process even short-term orders quickly, flexibly and efficiently in line with your expectations.

Wir sind stark und unabhängig

Strong and independent

We achieve our goals only thanks to the qualified team, which identifies with the company to a great extent. Murex offers all employees the opportunity to participate in the company. Employees, management and board of directors own 100% of the shares - and thus have unrestricted control over their own company. Important for us. Important for you.

Als unabhängige Firmat bieten wir Kontinuität und Qualität

Sustainability and quality

As an independent company, we can fully respond to your needs and be a trustworthy partner. In addition, with the participation of the most important employees in the company, you have the guarantee of continuity and long-term assurance of know-how and high quality standards.

What does «murex» mean?

murex is a genus of medium to large sized predatory tropical sea snails. These are carnivorous marine gastropod molluscs in the family Muriciadae, commonly called «murexes» or «rock snails». While searching for a company name, we accidentally came across this word - and we just loved it. It was important to us to find a name for our newly founded company that is short and concise. And it had to be easy to pronounce in all the languages of our target markets.

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Scope of Supply – from screws to barrels

Our core competence is the production of screws, barrels and grooved bushings for extruders and injection moulding machines. Our special know-how covers wear-protected screws for highly abrasive and corrosive applications, as well as the production of grooved bushings with special groove shapes (spiral grooves, conical grooves).

Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies and multifunctional machinery, we are also able to produce small batches with very complex geometries and high quality requirements in a cost-efficient manner. Many years of experience of our employees in the application of heat and surface treatments ensures the high quality of our products.

3-zone screws have quite a simple design: feed zone, conical zone and metering zone


The flange at the end of the barrel is needed to attach the barrel to the gearbox


Several helical grooved bushings are made ready for packaging

Grooved Bushings

The outside diameter of a screw is refurbished by PTA welding


A long shaft is machined on a conventional lathe

Contract Work

All required dimensions and informations for machining a part can be found in a CAD drawing


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