Company history

murex – an experienced partner for screws and barrels

Winter 2001/2002

In winter 2001/2002 several experienced professionals and managers – a total of 9 shareholders – decided to found the murex technik ag. The production line for screws was built up in Frauenfeld – 30 minutes from Zurich. All required machines were procured during the year 2002: The heart of our screw production, the Weingärtner “pick-up“ milling & whirling machine was installed in August 2002. Our VDF Boehringer CNC lathe and the Hettiger Deloro CNC welding machine arrived in December 2002.


During 2003 the headcount increased to 13 employees. Our brand name started to become well-known in the market. Murex was finally set up as an accepted supplier for screws and barrels by the first participation at the Fakuma in October 2003.


In 2004, the number of employees increased to 18, and the machinery was extended by a deep-hole drilling machine, which was placed in Rorbas – about 20 minutes from Frauenfeld – because of shortage of space in our main production plant.


In autumn 2005, murex bought the well-known company REY in Bremgarten. This additional manufacturing plant is specialized on barrels and grooved feed bushes. Together with the additional company, the head count was already 24 people. The heart of the machinery in Bremgarten are two CNC operated grooving machines.

Today we own one of the most modern and attractive machinery in the branch. We are proud of being able to execute all worksteps for the production of screws, barrels and grooved feed bushes on our own.


In 2007, there were already 30 employees working for murex, and there was no more space for further growth in our plant in Frauenfeld. From August to October 2007 all production machines were transfered from the plants Frauenfeld and Rorbas to the new plant in Wängi.


Our brand new Weingartner Pick-up 700 (milling-/whirling machine) was taken into operation in October 2008. We are now able to manufacture the very large screws (diameters larger than 100 mm) with the maximum of efficiency.


To further optimize our internal processes, we merged our two production sites in Bremgarten and Wängi as of summer 2011. With all machines and employees at one single location, we can increase the efficiency of our production.