We regenerate and repair your screws and barrels


Screws and barrels

We regenerate and repair your screws and barrels up to 7000mm of length and 300mm outside-diameter (screws), resp. 400mm outside-diameter (barrels).

The experience shows, that the refurbishment of screws is only worthwile onwards a diameter of 50mm. In case of smaller screws a new-production is often cheaper than a refurbishment. If you are uncertain about these options ask us for an offer for refurbishment and new-production – and compare on your own!

The fundamental advantages of refurbishing in the overview
  • cost savings in comparison to a new-production (for bigger diameters up to 50%)
  • short delivery periods (1–4 weeks, depending on execution and urgency)
  • You have the possibility of increasing the life span of screws by up-plating the bar with a plating alloy (resp. with a better plating alloy than the original screw plating).

The most economical kind of refurbishing barrels is honing

If screws and barrels are refurbished at the same time, then the barrel is up-honed first. Because of the honing the barrel diameter will be slightly enlarged, but we can compensate it by refurbishing the screw in order to let the original leeway between screw and barrel correspond to the original state.

Additional services of murex:
  • We provide, if desired, a CAD drawing of your screw or your barrel and deliver it together with your refurbished element.
  • We offer, if desired, a fetching and a bring service for your elements. If your elements on the way to us exceed a national border, we settle all the custom formalities for you.

We like to advice you without obligation and provide a free offer for you.

Even when we only know the most important main dimensions are we able to tell you a standard price. The more instructions we have about your element, which has to be refurbished, the more exactly can we calculate its price.

The fastest way:

Simply download the checklist, fill in all data which you know and send it to us by fax or Email.