Complete in-house manufacturing of screws - made in Switzerland


Manufactured in our production plant in Switzerland

All mechanical manufacturing steps for the production of a screw – from turning the raw material to welding the hard-facing up to final polishing – are executed by murex employees in our own production plant in Wängi (Switzerland). The screws have to be sent to extern specialists only for special heat treatments to harden the surface (for example gas nitriding) and for coating (for example hard-chrome-plating).

Our product variety contains:

There are various base materials available for nitriding-screws, twin-screws and hard-faced screws. For through-hardened screws, there are different through-hardable materials (tool steels and powder metallurgy steels) available.

For all our screws we offer various coatings in cooperation with partner companies: Chrome-plating, chemical nickel-plating, TiN-coating, CrN-coating, high speed-flame spraying (full packaging).

Further coatings and procedures on request.

Other products from murex

In our production plant in Switzerland we also produce quality barrels and grooved bushings.